Here's what some of Viriam's Students are saying


"I have learned so much in Viriam's classes. Her enthusiasm and joyous nature have encouraged me to go deeper into my practice. Viriam's kindness and sense of humor have a way of putting you at ease which make the challenges of Kundalini yoga much more accessible."  - John H


"I first met Viriam at Yoga at the Ashram in Millis MA where she was teaching a beginners Kundalini class.  Being fairly new to yoga, I was a bit anxious and unsure of the whole scene.  Without skipping a beat she picked up on my apprehension and graciously took the time to help me transition into the new space.   Following her intuition as a teacher, Viriam is able to guide a class so that it’s accessible to everyone — beginners and advanced yogis alike. Her enthusiasm for yoga, coaching and refining her students goals shows in her practice.  Before, during, and even after class I continue to receive tips, tricks, and heart centered wisdom.  Yoga has become a much more enriching experience for me rather than just a personal physical struggle.  Viriam, thank you so much for teaching from your heart and for making a difference in my yogic life as I continue working to stay present on this journey."  

~Mike G.


"Viriam is a highly-skilled professional who is deeply committed to serving others so they can reach their highest potential.  She is very experienced at providing the highest quality of service..  Viriam is very generous with her ability to empower others to find their own inner guru (move closer to enlightenment)." ~ Beth F.


"Viriam is very skilled at establishing an elevated environment where students can enter a deeply meditative state with ease. Her clear instruction and helpful modifications enable students of all levels to practice comfortably.  Her voice and extremely positive vibration encourage a deep sense of letting go of the stress of every day life." ~Mohammed A.