It's no secret that I LOVE Kirtan Kriya!  I share it with new students as well as seasoned meditators.  One thing we all share is life in an uncertain modern world.  This digital age is taking a toll on our bodies and minds and it is more important than ever that we slow down and learn to observe and guide ourselves towards balance. 

I've created an audio recording that you can download to guide you through this 12 minute Brain Boosting Meditation. 

Dim the lights, turn off electronics and make yourself comfortable.  Press Play and begin.  Let's see what happens! 

As a graduate of the Brain Longevity® Therapy Training of the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation I now better understand the concepts of: 


Neurogenesis -the formation of new brain cells.


Neuroplasticity - the changes in the connections between brain cells. 


Neurotransmission - the communication between brain cells


Cerebral Blood Flow and how it affects critical areas in the brain.


How shortened telomeres affect DNA and brain aging. 


By understanding the systems, conditions and risk factors  that accelerate cognitive decline, we can see from the research that the of 4 Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention®


1. Diet and Brain-Specific Nutrients 

2. Stress Management With Yoga and Meditation 

3. Physical and Mental Exercise   

4. Spiritual Fitness


This offers us many intervention points to prevent cognitive decline which may lead to Alzheimer's Disease.  


I also especially appreciated all of the studies focused on the effectiveness of Kirtan Kriya.  As a long time practitioner I  experience great relief and results from this meditation and now have a deeper understanding of its complexity and depth.  

  Research has shown the benefits of practicing Kirtan Kriya:  


  • Enhanced cognitive function 

  • Decreased stress 

  • Decreased depression

  • Improved genetic health

  • Reduced inflammatory markers 

  • Increased telomerase 

  • Better sleep

  • Lower blood pressure 

  • Enhanced cerebral blood flow 


Modern research reveals that lifestyle activity can promote cognitive health in aging and protect against cerebrovascular pathology and beta-amyloid pathology, which can lead to AD. 

Read the ARPF White Paper here.