With over 20 years of practice as a student and a teacher in all types of Yoga, this journey has provided a transformation in my life, and is the motivation for my dedication to teaching others to find health and healing. 


By the age of 25 I had reached a point of physical pain in my body that was overwhelming my life with headaches and fatigue.  Unable to find relief from medical doctors or physical therapy, I began to look elsewhere.  I received some massage therapy which helped, and completed a 950 Hour Training in Muscular Therapy in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1999. During my 10 year career as a Professional Massage Therapist I gained valuable insight into the stress and tension patterns of the physical body which have greatly influenced my teaching. 


During this time I became fascinated with the anatomy and physiology of the human body.  A friend suggested I try Yoga and convinced me to sign up for a 6 week Beginners Course at the Iyengar Yoga Center in Somerville, MA. I still remember the first class, it was painful and boring and instead of feeling bliss, I was calculating how many minutes until it was over!  But I had signed up and PAID for the classes already, so reluctantly returned and finished the series, and even signed up for the next one.  I wouldn't say that I enjoyed it, but I could feel a powerful shift happening which led me on the path to becoming a certified yoga instructor in 2001. 


All of my life I had avoided being uncomfortable or bored.  When I experienced discomfort I would find anything to distract my mind or just simply space out.  This practice was challenging me to do the opposite. To pay attention to what I was feeling and stay present with the discomfort. To soften and feel the sensations and allow myself to relax and release the tension, rather than continue the constant cycle of resisting and pushing away. 

I like to share this story with my students because I've observed many people have a similar first experience with Yoga and Meditation. Perhaps they found themselves in a more advanced class than they were ready for and decided it wasn't for them.  Or they attended a class that was too far out and decided it was all new age grooviness.

My mission as a Teacher of Yoga and Meditation is to provide a foundation based on the fundamentals. To create a guide for us to follow as we navigate our inward journey.  To create a framework for us to study and observe ourselves. To experience and learn techniques to deepen our awareness and shift our bodies and minds towards balance.  I believe these ancient tools are essential in our modern times and are accessible to everyone. The good news is that this is a life long journey and the fundamentals taught in my classes will support and guide us all through the evolving stages of our lives.  





Photo courtesy of Tara Inc. Photography