ancient tools for modern times 

In 2020, everything changed on many levels and I found myself on a new  journey of learning  how to teach online.   It looks simple on paper, and yet every step I encountered yet another learning curve!  I've been busy studying, practicing, and teaching.

I decided to focus my programming on one of my favorite meditations, Kirtan Kriya. It had been a longtime dream to create my own recording for KK and I achieved it this summer.

What a fun creative process! 


In my research I found the Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation website and recently graduated from their Brain Longevity® Therapy Training.

You can learn more about this program here.

To read about the extensive research you can read the ARPF White Paper here.


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It's no secret that I LOVE Kirtan Kriya!  I share it with new students as well as seasoned meditators.  One thing we all share is life in an uncertain modern world.  This digital age is taking a toll on our bodies and minds and it is more important than ever that we slow down and learn to observe and guide ourselves towards balance. 

Kirtan Kriya is a 12-minute singing exercise that people have been practicing for thousands of years. It brings together several actions: breath work, singing or chanting, finger movements (mudras), and visualization. 


It is a multifaceted, multi-sensory exercise that engages the whole brain and increases cerebral blood flow. 

I've created an audio download to guide you through this 12 minute Brain Boosting Meditation. 


Dim the lights, turn off electronics and make yourself comfortable. 


Press Play and begin. 


Let's see what happens! 

  Breath Awareness is the starting point for the journey within. The goal here is feeling rather than thinking and doing.  We experience the sensations of the inhale and exhale as a way to soften and release energy and find a smooth and steady rhythm.  There is no straining or forcing, rather following the breath in and out, like the waves of the ocean.  
Click the video to join me for this exercise when you have a few minutes to sit quietly and follow your breath. 
We inhale on the first tone, pause and gently hold the breath,
and exhale on the third tone.  


New to Yoga & Meditation?

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